Cannot open EAM potential file

Hi all,

I am using lammps parallel windows executable before that, I have installed MPICH2 properly in Windows7. But as soon as I am submitting job, one error is there “Cannot open EAM potential file Al99.eam.alloy (pair_eam_alloy.cpp:128)”
Although I have kept my input file “in.lammps.txt” and eam potential file “Al99.eam.alloy” along with the lammps executable “lmp_win_mpi.exe” in the same directory.

I think there is problem in your input file or in the format of EAM potential file.

I think it’s alright because it’s working fine in ubuntu, problems occur only in Win7.
input lines are here…

pair_style eam/alloy
pair_coeff * * Al99.eam.alloy Al

there is any other issues may be.

The error message says it can't open the file.
Either it isn't in a location that your Windows executable
is finding it, or there is some Windows issue with opening/
accessing the file, e.g. file permissions.