Cannot use fix mscg

I have already successfully installed MSCG package, but when I tried the example included in LAMMPS, the error occurred only when I used fix mscg for finding force-matching functionality:

Running the range finder functionality looks fine, though I cannot interpret the output file this command creates. The instruction of this command in LAMMPS documentation looks very unclear.

Can any give me instructions on how to use this package properly? I cannot find any paper related to fix mscg

Please check out the MSCG GitHub page: GitHub - uchicago-voth/MSCG-release: Public Releases of the Voth Group's Multi-scale Coarse-graining (MS-CG) code that calculates CG interactions via force matching (FM)

As for the segmentation fault. This appears to be a bug in the MSCG library itself. This was fixed in the repository, but no new release was made.