clear, label and jump

Dear Axel,

I tried running a serial version of LAMMPS, that went fine, no
But the parallel version (open mpi) does gives an error
ERROR: Label wasn't found in input script (input.cpp:160)

Below is a simple script that reproduces the error with
mpirun -np 1 lmp_openmpi < in.myInput

You cannot expect to be able to rewind the standard input (which is
what using SELF depends in). Use the -in flag and it will work. That
is good practice in any case. Redirecting input from stdin is a relict
from the fortran day when there was no portable way to detect a
programs arguments.


From the jump doc page:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The SELF option is not guaranteed to work when the
current input script is being read through stdin (standard input),
lmp_g++ < in.script
since the SELF option invokes the C-library rewind() call, which may
not be supported for stdin on some systems. This can be worked around
by using the -in command-line argument


Dear Steve and Axel,

Thank you for making it clear.

Kind regards,