Code agnostic total energies


I have read about the goal of defining a “general energy zero” that would allow to compare total energies calculated with different codes [1] and incorporating this into NOMAD.
Likewise, at least in the legacy 0.10 version, there was the section section_run.section_single_configuration_calculation.section_energy_code_independent [2]. However, this seems no to be used at all.
What is the current status of that project? Do I look in the right place for code-agnostic total energies?
Thank you very much in advance

[1] npj Computational Materials 46 (2017); arxiv:2205.14774.

@ladinesa can you comment on this?

For each energy type, there is a quantity “reference” which is the “Value of the reference energy to be subtracted from value to obtain a code-independent value of the energy.” Unfortunately, this is not at all used since I have very little information on how to obtain this for each code and system. I refer this to our domain experts.

Thank you @ladinesa. Even if it is not used at the moment, where could I find the quantity ‘reference’ in the metainfo browser?
Does it mean there is currently no way to compare total energies from calculations with different setup (i.e. different pseudopotentials, codes) within the NOMAD ecosystem?