Colors in web site atomic visualization

It would be nice to have better heuristics, or at least manual control, over the colors in the atomistic visualization on the web site. As the attached screen shot shows, in CuGaTe2 it’s nearly impossible to tell the Cu and Te apart, and the Ga’s not all that different either.

Hi Noam!

Check our our new website, which will soon be the default experience:

We now have three options available: the Jmol scheme, the VESTA scheme, and an accessible scheme for people with difficulty perceiving colour differences (this last option could still be improved; there is insufficient contrast for white-coloured atoms).

Speaking personally, none of these options are wholly satisfying, and I’m definitely interested in either an improved scheme or allowing full choice for the user, but this will likely wait a while!

All the best,


Hi Matt - thanks for the reply, and sorry I didn’t follow up sooner. The new interface looks nice. If I have any additional ideas, I’ll let you know.

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