compute heat/flux example problem

dear sir,

I have used the example input script available in compute heat/flux documentation page to find out the thermal conductivity of solid argon.
I am not getting the value mentioned in documentation page (The result should be: average conductivity ~0.29 in W/mK).
my result is "average conductivity: 0.1883909274[W/mK] @ 70 K, 0.0257443666 /A^3 ".
what is the problem? I am using lammps windows serial executable.

Maybe Reese has a suggestion about this script.


when I edited the code for metal units, i got the right values.
the result is "average conductivity: 0.2894536343[W/mK] @ 70 K, 0.0257443666 /A^3 "
(i have changed timestep to 0.004, ev2j value to 1.602e-19, ps2s value to 1.0e-12 and lj epsilon parameter to 0.010325)

can I use EAM potentials for calculation?