Contradiction in implementation of Tersoff potential

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According to the tersoff’s paper on potential, I think the formula in " " is only valid for case of 1 component system, i.e. Si system [1]. But, for case of multi-component system such as SiC, Tersoff-2 should be used [2]. In the website however, it used [1] for SiC which I think it is incorrect. Any comment please ?

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[1] Tersoff, J. (1988). Empirical interatomic potential for silicon with improved elastic properties. Physical Review B, 38(14), 9902.

[2] Tersoff, J. (1989). Modeling solid-state chemistry: Interatomic potentials for multicomponent systems. Physical Review B, 39(8), 5566.

The formula on the tersoff doc page explains how it
is used in alloy files list Si.C.tersoff. Aidan can
likely comment further on different analytic