Convection modes

The problem: to create a small 2D simulation showing two convection cells as a visual representation of the drift of continents. It is intended to spice up a lecture on geology for my eight y.o. Nephew! The result is here.

I have prepared this simulation in three steps, starting from the examples for the granular model. I am not an expert in granular force fields, so do you have any suggestions (parameters or additional fixes) to make the model behave like the ocean rift? i.e. with a top layer floating on some sort of mantle, subsiding at the boundaries to be recycled as a rising fluid.

The input files are attached. Thank you!
plate.tgz (3.4 MB)

I suspect to get closer to what you intend to model, you need features that are not yet available in LAMMPS. Something like what was presented by Joel Clemmer here: Virtual LAMMPS Workshop and Symposium - August 10-13, 2021

Yeah I remember that talk, great stuff. Way too advanced for a makeshift lecture to a bunch of children :smiley:
Thanks for the suggestion anyway!