Convert query result directly to ase Atoms objects?

Is it possible to convert the a nomad query result directly to an ase.Atoms object or do I have to build it myself? Are there examples?

Edit: I mean one structure of one run. (And looping through them.)

There is not build in function that would give you an ase atoms object at the moment. I can see that this would be useful: see System links and ASE atoms for results section (#1074) · Issues · nomad-lab / nomad-FAIR · GitLab

It should not be too hard to produce an ase.Atoms object as you typically need a list of atom label or order numbers, positions, lattice vectors, and periodicity. You’ll find these information in the various structure flavours found in (recommended). Or if you are more interested in the original system produced by the simulation run.system.atoms. Both these sections give you all the 4 parameters needed to construct an ase.Atoms object.

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Thanks, that was my backup plan. Just wanted to check that I didn’t miss a feature.