Converting from restart to obj file and other auxiliary code

Hi LAMMPS users,

Want to share some small auxiliary pieces of code.

In case if some one need to convert restart files into OBJ files - I
wrote a script which does it (may be imperfect, but works). So it gets
angles and saves them as triangles in OBJ file. Also let me know if
reinvented a bicycle. If someone is interested in using it, ask me
about improvements that might be done or I could dump to OBJ files
instead of doing post-processing (not sure that it is a better way).
The idea is to use Blender or similar tools for rendering of the
resulting collection of OBJ files, but I didn't wrote a script for
that yet.

I also shared some other code, like class which computes some
statistical properties of the liquid in a specified region - I create
a custom communicator there

Also class which counts molecules and creates a continuum index for
them (long time ago extracted it from somewhere) -

Routines which gather stl containers (it can be generalized by
request) -