Converting multiple restart file to their respective data files

I am using {{ lmp -restart2dump (filename) all custom (output filename) id type x y z vx vy vz }} command line to convert 1 restart file to data file. But if I have suppose 200 restart files then does this step need to be repeated 200 times, or there is any command to convert all the restart files to data file simultaneously at once??

p.s.- I have custom restart files named as {abcdef.10000} where number after β€œ.” represent timestep (restart files taken every 10000th step).

First off, you are mixing β€œdump” and β€œdata” files in your question. Those are quite different things.

Second, yes, you need to run the command for each file, but that is what shell scripts or the command line are good for. Something like the following:

for file in abcdef.*; do
   lmp -restart2data ${file} ${file}.data
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Ok sir, Thank you very much for the quick reply. And I’ll edit the dump to restart.