correction to documentation for dihedral_style fourier

Nickle Fan noticed a mistake in the fourier documentation. Nick
posted this at the end of a different thread and I was afraid it would
not get any attention there, so I'm reposting his suggestion as a new

A minor note is that the online documentation for Fourier style
dihedral "might" not be correct. Specifically, the example given at

        ## COMMENT: Nick, I think you are right.


dihedral_style fourier
dihedral_coeff 3 -0.846200 3 0.0 7.578800 1 0 0.138000 2 -180.0

The second line "probably" should be replaced by

dihedral_coeff 1 3 -0.846200 3 0.0 7.578800 1 0 0.138000 2 -180.0

where the added "1" indicates the dihedral type ID is "1".

--- end of Nick's message ---

Yes, this can not be correct
The "3" refers to the number of terms in the in Fourier series in this
example. There needs to be an additional integer (eg "1") before this
specifying the dihedral type.
Nick, thanks for clarifying this!



just merged it into LAMMPS-ICMS. sadly, i haven't been able to merge
with steve recently. so stuff keeps piling up...
but at least stuff doesn't get completely lost this way. :wink: