CoSeC Impact Award 2021 - additional £250 prize for winner

Dear Member of the DL_POLY User Community,
  (Please note there's now an additional prize (sponsored by NAG) of £250 for the winner of the 2021 CoSec Impact Award )
  Would you describe yourself (or someone you know*) as a Masters or PhD student, or an Early Career Researcher (i.e. with up to 5 years post doctoral experience at 28th February 2021)?
  If so, you could be eligible to apply for the 2021 (Computational Science Centre for Research Communities:
CoSeC Impact Award:
  We would love to hear how being a member of any of the CoSeC-supported communities has benefitted your work, for example:
      Have you used any of the DL_ suite of software that has enabled your work to achieve a clear social or economic impact?
      Have you attended a DL_POLY (and/or other CoSeC-supported) training course or workshop that helped you use or develop such software?
  Receiving this award would be a boost to your cv, plus, there is a range of prizes on offer including working with us to write up your application into a case study - see examples developed from this year's winning entries:
  Should you have any questions about the award and/or the application process, please contact: [email protected]
  *If you would like to nominate a colleague for this award, please send their name and email address to [email protected] and they will be invited to make a full application
  Thank you and Good Luck with your application!


can you explance the example in DL_poly packcage, and tell me how to use this software when use it to caculate benzene diffusion in zeolite(anyone of the data bases). last ,if you can tell me how to use the zeolites data bases ,i’d be very thanks . i dont know how to vary all kinds of zeolites’s cage, core and chanal. hoping your apply, thank you very much!