Creating Bonds

Dear all,

I am trying to create a random closed packing of particles with polymer interactions between the atoms. For doing this, I have first created a data file for the random closed packing of particles. The next step would be to create bonds between particles that are within a certain radius. I have used the create_bond command and bond_style command but get the error - ERROR: Incorrect atom format in data file (…/atom.cpp:892). I am not able to create bonds and am stuck here.
The interaction between the particles should be sprin glike having the form of potential energy = K(r-r0)^2 for which I have used the bond style - Harmonic.

I have attached part of my data file and lammps input script below to see if anyone is able to help.


You have bon_coeff instead of bond_coeff. Perhaps that’s your issue?

Please pay close attention to the error message and at which command it happens in your input.

You never even get close to the point of what you are concerned about because your data file is inconsistent with the atom style you are using and thus you get never past the read_data line in your input and thus the error has NOTHING to do with the create_bonds command.


Thank you for you help. I have managed to resolve the issue. There was an issue in the data file format and not with the bond_coeff command.

Anish Sukumar