Creating/editing/referencing/processing entries from an ELN module

Hey Nomad,

I am getting a much cleaner picture on how ELNs can work in our Labs. For this I believe that it is essential to create/edit/reference and process entries from inside another entries normalizer.

To explain why I believe this is necessary. From a Labprocess point of view scientists need to select Processes like Deposition/Measurement/Reaction/Cleaning etc. as an EntryData entry point for their work. But we still need sample entries to be created and processed and referenced once Processes are done on them. E.g. I have an EntryData Batch which creates a bunch of EntryData Samples. When executing a process e.g. cleaning then one references which samples one uses, but also the used samples need to know that they have been cleaned. So in the end we have sample EntryData containing all of the processes it has seen by reference.

This resolves the issue that synthesis data is usually entered process by process but browsed/searched by whole samples.

Have you any Idea how to do this?

Best Micha

I just talked to the developers and they will help me to create a prototype for this functionality. This will help to identify if this is useful.

For now this request is dealt with :). Thanks!