creating screw dislocations


I ma trying to create screw dislocations in bcc structure but some how i dont know how to do it, It would be greatly appreciate it if any one could help me.

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Screw dislocation is half of the atoms slipped across the other half along a cutting plane – pinned down at one end and displaced by a lattice vector “a” on the other end. It is somewhat difficult to visualize. Google search “screw dislocations” for their visualizations.

You have to displace the half of atoms by a variable that changes from 0 to “a” along the cutting plane. Try it out on yourself first and come back with questions specific to LAMMPS commands.

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Please visit this site:
It might help you to create desired dislocations.


A screw dislocation is a mathematical idealization that can be approximately mapped to a variety of different finite atomistic structures. In order to understand this better, you will have to read some papers. For example:

“Peierls potential of screw dislocations in bcc transition metals: Predictions from density functional theory”

Christopher R. Weinberger, Garritt J. Tucker, and Stephen M. Foiles
Phys. Rev. B 87, 054114 – Published 28 February 2013