Crystal structure search of electrode materials

Hello, I want to know how to download the battery electrode material material, I download through

docs =‘Li’)

, return the value of host_structure=

Structure Summary
abc: 3.416997937056738 3.416997937056738 6.418992
angles: 90.0 90.0 119.99999878130076
volume: 64.90630775452632
A: 1.708499-2.959207 0.0
B: 1.708499 2.959207 0.0
C: 0.0 0.0 6.418992
pbc : True True True

Is it his economic structure of electrode materials.Why is the crystal structure of the mp-2156 electrode material of Li-ion that I downloaded through it the same as that of mp-2156 electrode material of Na-ion and that of mp-2156 electrode material of Ca-ion? Did I make a mistake? I need your help very much。The crystal structure of the electrode material should be different.The input of the deep learning model I use is the crystal structure, but if it is the same, it is equivalent to one x will produce multiple y, I think this is wrong, so I would like to consult you about this problem, because I am the first contact with this field, please forgive me if I have offended。