Cube file save problem

Cube files generated by ASE do not follow the outlines of the format 100%. As a result some import codes do not work properly. The cube file format has 6 columns of volumetric data per line. But when I examine the cube files from ASE there is a single number per line.

Is it likely to be fixed in some foreseeable future?

Please elaborate why one is correct and the other not.

The way the data should be arranged is clearly expressed on these sources.

As I’ve stated earlier some import routines cannot read the existing files as they are slightly incompatible.

On the h5cube-spec page, it says:

This field encompasses the remainder of the CUBE file. Typical formatted CUBE output has up to six values on each line, in whitespace-separated scientific notation.

Also ASE’s output has “up to six” values on each line. So I cannot see that any rules are violated. Rather, those readers should be less picky.

However changing the cube output to use 6 columns would probably be okay if someone opens a merge request.