Cygwin & KIM API

Dear KIM Community,

I would like to gauge how much interest there is in using the KIM API and OpenKIM Models on Windows systems, an in particular through the Cygwin framework (or maybe another similar framework).

So, If you would like to see the KIM API modified so that it works well on Windows systems, please reply and let us know.



Dear Ryan,

I was also wondering how much interest other people may have in 'KIM on Win'.
Personally, it would be great if KIM API could be used on Windows.

I usually work on Linux and develop my own MD code (which I plan to make
KIM-compliant soon), but sometimes I compile the code on Windows with
Microsoft Visual C++ Express to let it be used by students who have Windows
machines only. Once its compiled, I can simply pass the .exe file to the
students because it is transferable. My code uses some libraries but they
are also transferable.

So, it would be very helpful if I could do the same thing with a KIM-compliant
MD code. But I am not familiar with Cygwin and I have currently no idea how to
do that.

With best regards,

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I'm forwarding this responce from the LAMMPS mailing list just to have its information recorded on the OpenKIM list too.

Thanks to Axel for the helpful information.

Hi Yoshi,

Thanks for the details. It seems from Axel's post that Cygwin may not be the best approach for support on Windows. Based on his comments, if/when we get to implementing full Windows support I'll likely aim to do as he suggests and work to have VC++ compliance using mingw.