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Is there an easy way to obtain .dat/.txt files when using “amset plot xxx.json”, in addition to obtain the pdf/png file? In a similar way, as one can use the ‘–gnuplot’ tag in phonopy?

Thank you in advance!
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Simon Mellaerts

Hi Simon,

This isn’t currently available but I’ve added this as a feature request to the GitHub tracker. I will update this thread once this it implemented.


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I’ve added a --gnuplot option to the transport plotter (i.e., amset plot transport transport.json --gnuplot) that writes basic data files. Multiple files are written for each subplot. For example, there are separate files for the conductivity, Seebeck coefficient etc.

The files look like:

# File generated using amset 0.4.5
# x-axis: Temperature (K)
# y-axis: Conductivity (S/m)
# temperature  $n_e$=3.00$\times$10$^{13}$cm$^{-3}$
2.01000000e+02 6.18900318e+00
2.90000000e+02 4.54587362e+00
4.01000000e+02 3.30730120e+00
5.06000000e+02 2.56385648e+00
6.05000000e+02 2.30912218e+00
7.89000000e+02 1.96701699e+01
9.94000000e+02 1.60042054e+02

The first column is the x-axis data, subsequent columns are for each doping concentrations/temperatures (i.e., each line has a separate column).

Currently this is only enabled for the transport plotter. If you have another plotter you’d like me to add it to please let me know.

Thank you very much Alex! I really appreciate all the effort for this great code!

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Dear Alex,

Could you please also give mobility.dat using the same process? Thank you very much!

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I seem to understand that you make an average of three diagonal values since the off-diagonal are zero. Is it correct? Thanks a lot!

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The averaged mobility values are obtained from the average of the eigenvalues of the mobility tensor.

I will look into adding the --gnuplot option to amset plot mobility also.

Maybe it’s better to include it for amset plot rates? Because you can already obtain mobility from “amset plot transport --mobility --gnuplot transport.json”.

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Thanks Simon and Alex. It will make amset more decent to save data and plot.

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