Developed a LBM solver for LAMMPS to simulate (very dense) suspensions (LBM-DEM)

Dear LAMMPS community,

I hope that this sort of post in this discussion forum is fine.
I would like to let you know that I have worked on a LBM solver for LAMMPS (for LBM-DEM simulations) in my spare time.
I do know that there is a LBM solver existing in LAMMPS. However, my implementation is based on a different underlying methodology which can be used to simulate very dense suspensions.

The solver comes with a few verification/validation cases and an example for a fluidised bed simulation.
I hope it will be helpful to someone. The git repo with more information can be found here:

Because it is a spare time project / hobby for me, I have not had the time to test it with the newest LAMMPS version. I have been using it only with the version “lammps-stable_29Sep2021_update3”, but I hope to test it with a newer LAMMPS version in the coming weeks.

In the repo is also an additional pair style to add lubrication force corrections. The pair style is somewhat undocumented, but I hope to push to the repo / publish some technical document / manuscript explaining the details in the coming weeks / months.

Best regards,
Tim Najuch

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