Difference on the lattice parameter of BiFeO3 between the reported values in papers and the calculated values in materials project

I am collecting the lattice parameters for multiple materials. I started with BiFeO3 and wanted to look up the lattice parameter of its room-temprature phase (space group R3c, rhombohedral). I found this record with a material_ID of mp-23501, and it says a = 5.59 A, c = 5.65 A. However, this is quite different from the values reported from published work, for a example, a = 3.96 A (Structural Instability of Epitaxial (001) BiFeO3 Thin Films under Tensile Strain | Scientific Reports). I am confused about this result, how could there be such a big difference? Which one is the correct one? Going forward, should I trust materials project as a reliable source to collect massive lattice parameters? Any input is appreciated!

Seems like your original reference is just wrong about the structure? Even the original source the paper you linked cites says a_rh = 5.6Å, and other sources agree with that.

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