Discrepency in the dataset given on Mendeleev

Dear Users,

With mendeleev (Ions — mendeleev 0.9.0 documentation), the value of ionization energy and electron affinity for Fe and Ca are Fe( 30.651 and 16.1992) eV , Ca (11.871718 and 6.1131552) eV, respectively.
The values of ionization energy and electron affinity in ‘KJ/mol’ are also given in (Molar ionization energies of the elements - Wikipedia) are Fe(1525 and 14.785) and Ca (1179.6 and 2.37).
But the values are not in agreement if you convert them using appropriate unit conversion.
Why this so? Any reply will be highly appreciable

Do we have any other dataset and method to call these properties on Jupyter notebook with ‘KJ/mol’ units.