Do you know of any source code editors that support LAMMPS?

Atom has terminated the service, Do you know of any source code editors that support LAMMPS??
In window or ubuntu whatever

Hi @bycco,

“supports LAMMPS” is pretty vague here but I assume your refer to syntax highlighting given that I do not know what else Atom could provide as a text editor.

The tools directory in the source code repo provides several text editor LAMMPS input script syntax highlighting plugin files for several well known text-editor: Vim/Neovim, Kate or emacs. Installation details are provided either in the README files or in the editors’ respective documentations. The editing of the files is also straightforward.

For C++ source files, I think any recent code or text editor will fit your needs.

There are lots of choices, here are a few that I know people are using:
Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio (on Windows only), Eclipse, Netbeans, Code::Blocks, Geany, Gedit, KDevelop, Emacs, Vim

Personally, I prefer Emacs for larger tasks and (sometimes) Vim for small quick changes, but I learned programming when most of the programs from the list above didn’t exist.