Does the CreateIsosurfaceModifier have the ability to recognize regions?


My simulation box has periodic boundary conditions in all three directions. I first use the SpatialBinningModifier to coarse-grain the system into a three-dimensional grid of points, and then obtain the corresponding particle density values for each grid point.

There is a high-density region inside the box that I want to separate from other regions. I plan to use the CreateIsosurfaceModifier to construct an interface between high and low densities.

The goal is to input a coordinate and determine whether it is located within the high-density region.
I know that the ConstructSurfaceModifier can identify regions, so I wanted to ask if the CreateIsosurfaceModifier can perform a similar operation? Alternatively, if there is a better solution in OVITO, I would appreciate your advice.

Thank you.

The CreateIsosurfaceModifier currently does not have a feature to identify regions. However, I appreciate your suggestion and we can consider adding it to our development roadmap for the coming year.