Does the number of atoms increase with the scaling decreasing?

Hi, friends,

I am a beginner in LAMMPS. When I start to create atoms, I find that if I use a real smaller scale, the amount of atoms created will increase almost at exponent rate. Why?

Here is my code:

After running, it creates 8100 atoms. Then I change the lattice to 5e-6. It creates 202500 atoms. Lattice 5e-7, 16402500 >atoms. How can it be so wired?

As the lattice doc page explains, the value is the lattice spacing
in each dimension. So if you reduce the spacing by 10x, then
in 3d, you get 1000x more atoms.


Thank you for your reply.

But the region I defined is also in lattice units. That means the region is also reduced by 10x and it will shrink with the lattice. In this way, the atoms number should not grow. But in fact it does! Why?

Don't know. Have you visualized the result
to see if the atoms are where you expect?