DOI not found


I applied a doi for my dataset (G0W0Gamma0^1_work), however, the doi 10.17172/NOMAD/2021.06.19-1 link to an error (says the DOI cannot be found in the DOI System) as the the following shows,

Can anyone help? Thanks

We are sorry that you have troubles using NOMAD.

The given DOI is currently not registered in our databases. I also cannot find your dataset (or any dataset that contains Gamma in its name).

I need a little more information to help you. Can you provide a link or id for an individual entry in your dataset? Or the upload id of any entry within this dataset? What entries comprise this dataset? How many entries? Is it a simple case with all entries of a certain upload?

a link for an entry: NOMAD
its entry id: ELBXkpp-6IBI2y9_rS9qnwDWf4nD

This dataset includes all the calculation tasks/results involved in a paper to be published. Specifically, it contains G0W0@PBE/PBE0/HF and beyond G0W0 calculations (recently developed methods) using FHI-aims. Totally 1128 entries.

You uploaded your data to our test installation. Probably referenced in our tutorials. The purpose of this installation is only to experiment with NOMAD without actually publishing data. The DOI mechanism on this test installation will not register a real DOI. Therefore, the DOI link does not work.

We will revise the test installation and add a clear label to avoid future confusion.

Please repeat your upload, dataset creation, and DOI assign actions on the “real” production NOMAD: NOMAD

You will also find links to the “real” production NOMAD on our homepage:

OK, thanks a lot.


Sorry, another problem encountered to bother you.

For FHI-aims calculations (G0W0 calculations for molecules), the parse failed for some files. But all these files passed the parser process in the so-called test/ platform before. Can you check why?

An example: NOMAD

Actually, these types of calculations have been passed for other systems, an example: NOMAD

Sorry for the late reply, but currently almost all of the team are on vacation.

This is probably a recent regression in the FHI-aims parser. I forwarded it to the parser developer. But again, vacation.

This does not need to keep you from publishing. You can publish entries, even if they fail parsing. Some of the metadata discovered during parsing might be missing, but otherwise they behave like all other entries. Once we fixed the parser, we can reprocess your data on our end and fix the metadata even if published.

OK, got it. And Sorry I recklessly deleted all the data entries involved in the discussion.

Now I re-upload the dataset and got a valid doi.
And all failed parsing data (totally 900 cases) can be found there.