Doing BSE on top up GW

Hello everyone,
i I want to do BSE on top up GW in exciting, so for doing this I did G0W0 and plot the valence band and conduction band as well as tutorial explained and I plotted DOS and everything worked very well as I predicted for my structure, but when I use in the gw part "taskname=“g0w0” " to skip this part and enter the BSE part, and I plot the “dielectric function”, it’s completely wrong.
my first question is: Should I skip the gw part to do BSE top up GW or not? because after doing skip, I cannot see any evidence of doing GW in the INFOXS.OUT output file that it’s strange?
and is there someone to check my input file and tell me if I am doing something wrong?
I attached the input file and dielectric function figure.
BSE.txt (3.1 KB)

I found the problem and solve it :slight_smile:

Hi Nasrin,

I’m not sure this feature (running BSE on top of GW) was ever tested. I would refrain from using it, unless you’re sure the results look correct.