DPD Force

Hi everyone

I wrote a function in LAMMPS and in that function, I need to call the force between particles from DPD force computation. Can anyone help me how to call DPD force between the particles in my function?


If you want meaningful help, you need to provide more detailed information and context.
Please see Please Read This First: Guidelines and Suggestions for posting LAMMPS questions for some explanations of how things work here.

For starters you need to say which “flavor” of DPD you want to use. LAMMPS has at least 15 different ones.

In general, information about the inner workings of LAMMPS are in: 4. Information for Developers — LAMMPS documentation and 3. Modifying & extending LAMMPS — LAMMPS documentation

My code is the force between the platelet and collagen. I wrote a function for that force, and it works. Now, I want to call DPD force between particles to use it in my function. Can anyone help me with how to call the DPD force between the particles?

We have been here before. If you keep ignoring advice, don’t answer questions you have been asked, and continue asking the same questions without providing sufficient details and context, your chances of getting help are going to be close to zero.

We have written down those guidelines and suggestions not because we like to annoy people with making them do things that don’t feel they need to do, but because we need that kind of information to provide good recommendations. Remember that it is you that wants something from us. If you don’t want to adapt, that is your choice. But don’t go and complain about the consequences of your choices.