Dropping Py2 support from FireWorks?

Dear community,

We are thinking to drop Py2.x support from FireWorks. Currently, FireWorks is being unit tested only on Py3+ and some of the libraries it uses are also Py3+ or are moving in that direction. Thus, it is more a question of when (rather than if) that newer versions of FireWorks will no longer support Py2.x.

This is just a thread to ask - does anyone really need Py2.x in the short term? Or can we go ahead and officially drop 2.x support now?

I am fine with discontinuing support for Py2.x!

I think it’s quite reasonable to drop Py2.x support now (10 months after “end-of-life”) as long as the existing releases remain available on PyPI.

In an extreme case, a team still on Py2 could ask for a bug fix fork or assistance making one, and then y’all can evaluate the situation.

Meanwhile you can avoid some library dependency nightmares.