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I am simulating a cumulative particle bombardment on a W slab using “fix deposit” command. I want to dump xyz and custom file for the irradiated particles. I used the command “group” for IDs greater than the initial target and used also group command for the type of particles that I am depositing “type 3”. The dump files I am having are null, despite the target files resulting from every deposition process has atoms of type 3, so can you plz help me figure out where is the problem? attached are my input, out target and dump files.

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imp100.dat (247 Bytes)
in.run (2.7 KB)
target.dat (688.2 KB)
target8000.dat (822.1 KB)
target4000.dat (821.9 KB)
imp1.xyz (725 Bytes)

Have you looked at your log file. The group command will print to the log file how many atoms are in the group you created. I am certain it says 0.

All LAMMPS commands are executed immediately, so if you add atoms of type 3 to the system later, they will not automatically be added to your “deps” group. This is documented behavior.

The next step is to carefully study the fix deposit documentation. It explains how to have deposited atoms added to a group.

Bottom line, the problem is between your chair and your computer, or short PEBCAC.

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Thank you Axel, i rechecked the fix deposit command and found my mistake …

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