Dumping information from bond/break fix

Dear LAMMPS developers,

I have a question regarding dumping information from fixes.

I have a fix called breakFix1 that breaks bonds that are extended beyond a certain cutoff distance, reading

fix breakFix1 all bond/break \{dump\_interval\} 1 {cutoff}

According to the manual, this fix computes two statistics which it stores in a global vector of length 2.
How do I access this information? My best suggestion so far is

dump brokenchains1 all local \{dump\_interval\} brokenchains1\.{simname} f_breakFix1

Which is not working. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as this is something I have spent far too much time on.

Best regards,

This section of the manual gives a nice overview

of all output options:


A “global” vector is just 2 values (in this case).

You can’t “dump” global data, only peratom data.

But you could print the 2 values with thermo output.

thermo_style custom step f_breakFix1[1] f_breakFix1[2]


Thank you very much!

Best regards,