EAM potential file for Cu

Dear Lammps user,

I am wondering if there is any library containing most of the potential file with Lammps format.
I am looking for the EAM potential file which is introduced by the following paper.

“Simple embedded atom method model for fec and hcp metals, D. J. Oh and R. A. Johnson”

I look at potential file directory of Lammps and those introduced at NIST (http://www.ctcms.nist.gov/potentials/Cu.html), but I could not find it.

I really appreciate it if anyone can help me regarding this,


In addition to the small number of parameter files for specific materials provided in the LAMMPS ./potentials directory, good sources are the NIST Interatomic Potentials Repository and the Knowledgebase of Interatomic Models (KIM) website. Sometimes you can obtain a full set of input files from the supplementary information accompanying the journal article. If all else fails, you could try to contact the authors, or use a different potential.