Electrode_object endpoint

Hi everyone,
I am using the python library to fetch data from the insertion_electrodes endpoint.

for instance, I search for LiTiO2, lets look at the result with the battery id: mp-554278_Li.

I would like to be able to see whether ‘mp-554278_Li’ has any materials that were thermodynamically unstable. I thought I could look for that in the “electrode_object.unstable_entries” however the unstable entries listed there are not part of this result at all as they are not involved in any of the steps. Additionally, the materials found in “electrode_object.stable_entries” are also not stable.

when I looked up the documentation, I saw :

material_ids: List[MPID] = Field(
description="The ids of all structures that matched to the present host lattice, regardless of stability. "
“The stable entries can be found in the adjacent pairs.”,

however adj_pair.id_char ( in this case ‘mp-554278’) and adj_pair.id_discharge(in this case ‘mp-1104112’) are also not both stable.

I would really like to know whether an insertionelectrode object is stable or not based on the materials it contains, I suppose I could recursively fetch every single material ID in the insertion electrode and check it for stability if nothing else is possible.

Thanks !

Hi @mprester_time, This may be an issue on our end. We are in the process of rebuilding the electrode data for another reason, which may fix this potential issue. That should be done soon, but in the mean time I suggest filtering using individual MPIDs and thermo data queries as you suggest.

– Jason

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