electronic stopping


After a search of the LAMMPS manual and a general search using GOOGLE, I conclude that LAMMPS does not implement electronic stopping of a high energy projectile causing a collision cascade in a target. There is gamma_s (a friction coefficient due to electronic stopping) in “fix ttm” which is a constant and not applicable to the problem at hand. Is this right?

Has anyone implemented either the Lindhard electronic stopping or any other electronic stopping in LAMMPS? If yes, can it be made available for my use?

If I wanted to include this in LAMMPS, my guess is that it would be appropriate to create a “fix es” command which would include either the Lindhard electronic stopping formula or the Firsov electronic stopping formula. This fix should be able to run every step in tandem with other fixes which do time integration. Is this right. Any advice on this will be appreciated.

Thank you and Best Regards.

Everything you say sounds correct. I don't know of anyone
who has done this with LAMMPS. You might look
at the fix viscous command which implements a different
kind of velocity-dependent drag. Maybe it could be
the starting point for a new fix.