Electrostatic and vanderwals force

Hi dear axel
My simulation box has 3 materials
To calculate electrostatic and vanderwaals for any and combine of them, these result are the same.
Vanderwaal are the same for all material
Electrostatic are the same for all material
Calculations are based on these command :

Compute group-id pair lj/cut/coul/long Evdwl
Compute group-id pair lj/cut/coul/long ecoul

I don’t understand what the purpose of your post is. There is no question, there is no meaningful explanation, there are just some statements that are quite imprecise. And the commands you quote have syntax errors.

Please have a thorough look at all the information and guidance collected in the following post:

That should help you to formulate better posts which in turn should increase your chances for a more constructive response.