EMC for aarch64, or Can I compile it for aarch64 if I have source code

Hi there!
My supercomputing platform is aarch64 platform. It is not that hard to deploy and compile openmpi and lammps and rest of softwares.
However, emc is compiled, and I do believe emc is for x86_64 platform.

Here is one, for aarch64 platform, can I have the source code so that I may compile it, if possible, again so that emc is able to work on aarch64 platforms.

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Which operating system is running on your supercomputing platform?

Oh, hi!
The OS is ubuntu 18.04 server, for aarch64 platform, kernel 5.4.

I will have to see, if I can get EMC cross-compiled for ARM-based Linux systems.

Thank you so much:D

I have uploaded a new version of EMC v9.4.4 (August 1, 2023), in which I have added a target for aarch64.