Endpoints 'Chemenv' and 'oxidation_states' of Materials Project

these endpoints have different properties eg… chemenv has fields like ’ valences species chemenv_symbol chemenv_iupac chemenv_iucr chemenv_name’.
i tried mpr.chemenv.search() but i keep getting the error “unexpected keyword argument ‘query’” suggests that the search method doesn’t take query as an argument. please what is the correct search method?
i also tried tried this
‘with MPRester(api_key) as mpr:
for material_id in material_ids:

Search for documents with the given material_id and properties

docs = mpr.summary.search(
criteria={‘material_id’: material_id},
properties=chemenv_fields + oxidation_fields
got an error ‘TypeError: SummaryRester.search() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘criteria’’

Please consult our documentation about how to use our new API: https://docs.materialsproject.org/downloading-data/using-the-api