Energy cut-off for mp-5966

The structure optimization energy cut-off for mp-5966 is listed as 700 eV - it seems to be reading this value from the dielectric calcuation INCAR, not the structure optimization INCAR. Is the 700 eV value actually used for relaxing this material?

The structure optimization was performed using 520eV, not 700eV. The dielectric calculation had higher demands. Where are you saying that the “structure optimization energy” is listed as 700eV? If I go to the page summarizing the calculation params for that mp-id (, I see everything properly listed as 520eV except for the dielectric tab.

It’s on the main page mp-5966: Cd2SnO4 (orthorhombic, Pbam, 55) near the bottom in the “Calculation Summary” section.

Ah I see the problem. Yeah that looks confusing. I am guessing the cause is because the dielectric calculation was the most recently performed one. Maybe a staff member will weigh in, but my read is that only the dielectric calculation used it.