Error: ATOMATE2 to MongoDB connection

I completed ATOMATE2 setup, ran sample relax and band structure workflows. However, the output files were all zipped. I wonder why this happening. When I tried to query my database for results, it just print “NONE”.
Also in the job log file, I saw this error: WARNING Response.stored_data is not supported with local manager.

I am encountering the same problem after running the test relax workflow described on the atomate2 page. I unzipped the output files, and the relaxation job completed correctly. Logging into my MongoDB database, I see the attached screen in my outputs folder. I’m not sure what to make of this. It seems as though communication has been established with the MongoDB database since information about the jobs is stored there, but I’m not sure why there is an issue uploading the outputs to the database. I’m new to this forum and don’t know how to add this to the atomate2 category, but it’s currently in the atomate category which might not be the right area since the question is about atomate2.

Please, were you able to finally resolve this issue? Any assistance you can render would be appreciated