Error: Did not find all elements in MEAM library

     I am trying to run my simulations with two elements in my system but am having trouble in reading the potential. As the subject says, it is not able to find all elements in MEAM library. Here is my input script:
   pair_style meam
   pair_coeff * * meamf U He meafile_UHe U He

If you look at the provided library.meam it does not
have blank lines between elements. That could be
your problem. I would mimic the format of that file
closely. E.g. just add your new elements to that file.


Thanks Steve,
                           It turned out that my structure file had 1 element in the header and input file had 2 elements. That was causing the problem. I just added definition of type 2 atom in my structure file and that solved the issue.