Error for get_pourbaix_entries with new mp_api


I am trying to get elemental proubaix data with get_pourbaix_entries() function with the new MPRester from mp_api.client, but I got the following errors. It used to work with old pymatgen MPRester. How should I fix this?

Thank you.

Did you install the mpcontribs-client? It looks like MPRester.contribs is set to None which means there should be a warning or error message when you import MPRester. Do you see any message during importing MPRester?

I just installed mpcontrbs-client with “pip install mpcontribs-client”, but I still get the same error.
When I import MPRester, I got following messages.

Thanks for reporting this! The URL to the CFFI documentation suggests that this is an issue affecting specific operating systems. I’ll look into it and will try to release a new version of mpcontribs-client that hopefully circumvents the problem. In the meantime, you might have to use an OS that isn’t as restrictive with write+execute memory.

@johan28 mpcontribs-client==4.5.0 should not have the cffi error anymore. Please give it a try. Thanks!