Error in installing LAMMPS with meam

Dear All,
               I found threads on the same problem but still I am unable to resolve the issue. Please help me to install LAMMPS with meam package. This is the error message, I am getting:

Apparently the linker isn't accessing the Fortran routines
correctly from C. Might be an underscore issue. Since you
have Intel compilers, I would try ifort, which works for
me. You could also try the GNU compilers like g95 which
also works for me. I wouldn't use mpif90 to compile the
MEAM lib, since it has no MPI. I would just use a
Fortran compiler directly.


One way to help diagnose the problem that I've found useful is to use the "nm" command on the libmeam.a file (or the individual .o files in the lib/meam directory) to list the symbols that are defined in each file. That should show you whether, for example, a second underscore is being appended to the symbol names. If that's the case, there are usually fortran compiler flags (e.g. "-fno-second-underscore" for g95) that can fix the problem. I've found that I need to use that flag even with g95 on some platforms.


Greg Wagner
Sandia National Laboratories
Email: [email protected]