ERROR: Incorrect args for pair coefficients


I have submitted this calculations and get this error: ERROR: Incorrect args for pair coefficients. I’ve attached the input, data and output files. Could you please help me? I have tried different solutions, but I always get the same error.



300.out (688 Bytes) (713 KB)

in.300 (2.6 KB)

sorry, but "here are my files, tell me what is wrong" is not how this
game is played.
before anybody will look into this, you first have to _prove_ that you
have done your homework and due diligence.

please read the documentation for pair_coeff and pair_style commands
and your particular pair style *very* carefully.
i am convinced, that the explanation why you get this error is in there.

before posting again to this list, please also have a look at this

thanks for your cooperation,