Error: Not enough memory when using DXA to analyse dislocations in Ovito

Hi everyone,

Recently when I used DXA to analyze dislocations in Ovito, an error occurred, showing: Not enough memory (as the figure shows).
My dump file is 3.6GB in size and contains 43 million atoms.
I want to know what cause this error? Is it a limitation of the Ovito software itself or a limitation of my desktop? Can anyone give some comments? Thank you in advance!

The approximate memory requirement is 1 kilobyte per input atom, see Dislocation analysis (DXA) — OVITO User Manual 3.9.1 documentation. Dislocation analysis of a system with 43 million atoms requires up to 43 GB of free memory.

Hi kalcher, many thanks for your reply!
So the 43 GB of free memory is refers to my workstation? The reason why failed is due to my workstation don’t have enouth free memory when I do dislocation analysis? If so, what can I do to figure out this error?