ERROR on proc 0: Non-numeric atom coords - simulation unstable (src/domain.cpp:521)

Dear LAMMPS Users,

I met an issue described as the title while I was simulating a friction process. Can everyone please help me fix it? Attached is the in file.

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in.create (2.7 KB)

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That usually happens when you have atoms that are too close and thus forces become too large.


Thanks for your reply! Does that mean there may be issues on the model created? Like there could be atoms overlapping or too close to each other?

Thank you

That is one possible reason for close contacts, yes.

OK. I got it. I will try to fix it. Thank you very much!!

A simple test for close contacts in the initial geometry is to add the following line to your input after reading/creating all atoms and defining a pair style and then checking in the log file whether there are atoms deleted.

delete_atoms overlap 0.1 all all

The value of 0.1 needs to be adjusted depending on the units setting.


Yes, I tried this command in my program and it deleted some atoms, which means there are atom overlapping. I think I need to redesign the model creation part to avoid overlapping. Again, thank you so much for your help!!