ERROR: Unrecognized pair style 'eam/alloy' is part of the MANYBODY package which is not enabled in this LAMMPS binary. (src/force.cpp:285)

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I am a learner on LAMMPs. I am simulating interaction between Fe nanoparticles. But I am facing a problem while running the input file and an error occurs. I am stuck with this problem. SO please help.

Dear, you have build your lammps binary without taking into consideration this MANYBODY package.
You need to rebuild your lammps binary with MANYBODY package.
You can do that by using this make command.
Make package_name=yes
Or simply make a new directory ‘build’ in LAMMPS folder.
And In build directory use cmake.
Read the README file in cmake.

Without rebuilding lammps binary you will not be able to use features from the packages you did not enabled.