Error when use the command 'amset run'

When I use the “amset run” command in the command line, I encounter the following error: ImportError: /public/home/sjli/.local/lib/python3.9/site-packages/BoltzTraP2/sphere/ undefined symbol: _ZSt28__throw_bad_array_new_lengthv. Upon investigating the code mentioned in the error, it includes the following import statement: from BoltzTraP2.sphere.frontend import (calc_nrotations, calc_reciprocal_degeneracies, calc_reciprocal_iksubset, calc_reciprocal_stars, calc_sphere_quotient_set, calc_tensor_basis). This indicates an import error. However, when I import this module in the command line, no error occurs. Why does this discrepancy exist?

Additionally, when I run the code through the Python API, no errors occur, suggesting that my Python version should not be the issue