Errors of determining if materials are experimentally observed

Dear all,
How does the Material Project determine whether a material has been experimentally observed? Is this based on the matched ICSD number? If so, for example, why dose zincblend GaN show that it is not experimentally observed.

mp-830 (GaN) has the Zincblende structure which is experimentally observed and was present in many papers. In addition, it has multiple matched ICSD entries. mp-830: GaN (Cubic, F-43m, 216).

@robinzyb, you are correct. We determine it with the matched experimental ICSD number. mp-830 appears to be marked as experimentally observed on the website. Where are you looking currently?

– Jason

Thank you for replying. I just checked the website, it is still marked with not experimentally observed.

In the query page, mp-830 is also marked as not experimentally observed, which is opposite for mp-804

@robinzyb, got it. I was looking at the wrong compound.

This looks like it may be a bug, so thank you for bringing it up. I will mark it and take a closer look.

– Jason

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