Evaluating thermo data using pylammps

Hi all,

A short question regarding the evaluation of thermo data using pylammps:

In the manual (https://lammps.sandia.gov/doc/Howto_pylammps.html) is written that thermo data can be accessed via their name for instance as L.run[0].step & L.run[0].ke.
In practice, the L.run has a thermo tuple and the data can be accessed via L.run[0].thermo.Step & L.run[0].thermo.Ke. When I tried the command L.run[0].step an error occurred and I could not get any data. Is it possible that the manual is not updated?

Evangelos Voyiatzis

This is a Q for Richard (CCd) …


Yes there was a mistake.

I merged the PR of that user yesterday which updates the manual and fixes it…